We are a young company with a fresh outlook on what GREAT British lager can be. The words ‘British’ and ‘Lager’ are not words which when coupled together always inspire confidence from our Great British public, who tend to make a bee-line for anything German or Czech sounding at the bar.

We have been working hard on perfecting our recipe at our HQ in the heart of the Cotswolds to make a great british lager which is clean, crisp, clear and easy to drink through a subtle depth of flavour.

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BREWed for you...


Bobby Beer is brewed with passion and care in our brewery with knowledge and technical expertise that is second to none.


We use a blend of tWO of the finest hop varieties in our beer: SAAZ & HalleRTaU.


This combination of bittering and aroma hop allows for a full bodied yet subtle flavour THAT is well balanced and hoppy in a light and refreshing way, in which the inherent flavour is not disguised by being over hopped.


We value the quality of the product over the quantity produced, and therefore we brew patiently, allowing  up to 8 weeks for each brew from start to finish. NO RUSH.... MAKES IT LUSH.