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Bobby Beer is delighted to support the guys  at No Regrets with their launch this Thursday.  The lovely guests will get to sample some fine art and fine beer.....

No Regrets is a custom studio with award winning artists. We collaborate closely with our clients to produce the highest quality bespoke tattoos. We provide a wealth of knowledge and experience, a modern cutting edge studio and a team dedicated to ensuring your experience is one that is memorable.

Founded in 2015, The NR Gallery was created as an extension of the No Regrets tattoo studio. The Gallery’s main focus is to showcase artists with the ability to create incredible tattoos, highlighting the powerful relationship between contemporary art and tattoos.

Above all else, the Gallery provides an excellent opportunity for the general public to view original artwork in a more intimate, up-close setting and come to understand how many of today’s top modern artists transitioned from the traditional canvas to human skin.